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Director's Message

To achieve your success you will have had to navigate a difficult journey. Involving hard work, personal cost, perseverence and commitment. you are now equiped intellectulay & in every way for the professional career that lies ahead.

Pakistan with highly talented people, only needs conducive, enabling & encouraging enviroment which may help them to exploit their talent mental faculties & utilize their energies & potential for socio echonomic benefits & empowerment. This is what MUET believe to better exploit & utilize their capabilities for advancement of science & technology & knowledge power to socio-economic benefits to all segments of the society as well as the nation.

The university has also undergone through majour infrastructure enhancement. We are making university for 21st century, with 'real world' engineering & technology courses that integrates thoery and practice, link with employers & enhance the career prospectus of our graduates.

In addition to our increasing profile nationally & internationally. we are proude of our deep local roots, as a major engineering university at the heart of Sindh Province, both geograpicallly & culturally. We also have responsibilities within the wider reagion & look forward to playing a greater role in its economic & its social developorment, through are strong & growing relationship with local industry, employers & multinational organizations.

Of course our students play an integral & essential role in our success, & are a credit to both to the university & to themselves. I hope that all our students wiill stay in touch through our Mehran University Almun Association, & I look forward to hearing of their future success stories.

Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Ali Unar
Director IICT
Phone: 022-2771206
email:[email protected]



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