IICT Institute of Information & Technology MUET Jamshoro.


Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
Implementation of Office in Information System (OIS) for Improvement of MIS used by Education Department Govt of Sindh
Zulfiqar Ali , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Security Threats in Credit Card Transactions and Solutions
Syed Faisal Rizwan, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Security Issues of Mobile Agent E-Commerce
Shahzad Latif, Information Technology(IT), 2012

An Evaluation Analysis of Software Quality Measurement using Regression Testing
Ms. Anza, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Light Weight Automated Testing using.Net Framework
Ms. Isma Farha, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Management Supportive ERP Solution
Muhammad Asim , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Decision support system for removing fault at Thermal Power Station Jamshoro
Muhammad Murad, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Evaluation of Information Portal Frameworks & Sugguesion of Alternatives
Muhammed Murtaza, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Designing Web Harvester on E-Commerce Application
Ms. Rafia Naz, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Platform Independent Image Manipulation Program
Javed Ahmed, Information Technology(IT), 2012

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Circular for PhD students - The classes of second semester course work shall commence from July 22, 2019. You are advised to select topic of your research work, supervisor(s) and elective courses related to your research topic upto July 12, 2019.