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Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
An appropriate security frame work for tele-medicine Health care system
Ms. Muniba Memon , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Analysis of Keyword and competitive research tools
Mr. Faisal Bin Mansoor , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Comparative research on SOA Solution “Recommendations as per Specification”
Mr. Jawwad Ahmed, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Impact of Culture on the web browsing behavior of Pakistani online community
Ms. Anoud, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Prediction of Yarn quality parameter using Multi layer perceptron Networks
Mr. Sheeraz Mehmood, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Resource Optimization for health care using information Technology (IT)
Ms. Zarina, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Data Ware House Security
Mr. Sumair Khan , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Implementation, Analysis and Evaluation of a Data Cleaning Technique
Ms. Fiza , Information Technology(IT), 2012

To facilitate industrialists of Pakistan to solve energy crisis through Bio Mass and Solar Power
Ms. Aisha Kanwal, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Implication o f MDA on Software Reliability
Mr. Adnan, Information Technology(IT), 2012

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News & Events

Comprehensive exam for PhD students of IICT PHD 17-18-19 baches will be held on 13-02-2020. Those students who have been appeared in Elective and compulsary courses examination in December 2019 and before, registered them self in IICT office till 05-02-2020