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Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
Power Efficient Routing Analysis in WSN
Mr. Gulsher Ali, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Validation of “Neighbor Trust” a Trust Based Model For Countering DDoS Attacks in P2P N/W
Ms. Aneela A. Aziz, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Channel Equalization Using Least Mean Square Algorithm
Ms. Erum Saba, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Design and Analysis of Multi Criteria Context Aware Routing Approaches for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ms. Samia Aijaz, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Analyzing Effects of Micro Mobility
Mr. Abdul Jabbar , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Design & Analysis of
Mr. Alaa S_A Shaheen, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Cyber Anthropology the Implications of Social Networks on People of Pakistan
Ms. Areej Fatemah , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Mapping CMMI Project Management Process Areas to Crystal Clear Methodology
Ms. Rehmat Rasheed , Information Technology(IT), 2012

Accuracy Evaluation of Collaborative OSND based Email Ranking & Filtering Algorithm
Ms. Samita Bai, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Software Testing, Load Testing
Ms. Syeda Urooj Zehra, Information Technology(IT), 2012

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Circular for PhD students - The classes of second semester course work shall commence from July 22, 2019. You are advised to select topic of your research work, supervisor(s) and elective courses related to your research topic upto July 12, 2019.