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Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
Comparison & Analysis of the Performance of Scheduling Approach for Different Applications in Wi Max Performance
Mr. Hemat Kumar , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Facial Expression a Neural Network Approach
Ms. Monika Rajani, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Secure Remote Access using AAA Functionality
Ms. Rosena Khalid , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Accessing Maps based on Mobile Station Locations
Mr. Muhammad Yousif , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Managing Vulnerabilities in a Network System
Mr. Muhammad Ali, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Conceptualization of VoIP Development for PERN Network
Syed Raheel Hassan, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Localization of Mobile phone in GSM
Mr. Zain-ul-Abdin, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Development of Automated Network Monitoring of Optical Fiber Media in PTCL
Mr. Naeem Abbas , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Weather Forecast through SMS
Mr. Adnan Rafique, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Design of WiMAX based solution for MUET
Mr. Samih, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

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News & Events

Comprehensive exam for PhD students of IICT PHD 17-18-19 baches will be held on 13-02-2020. Those students who have been appeared in Elective and compulsary courses examination in December 2019 and before, registered them self in IICT office till 05-02-2020