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Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
Performance Improvement of DSL
Mr. Saifullah Dahar, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Evaluation and Performance analysis of QoS Routing in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Arain, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

A Trusted solution to provide security to Mobile IP using IP Security Protocol suit
14 Mr. Khalid Hussain , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Wavelet Based Image Compression
Mr. Fayaz Ahmed Memon, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Performance Comparison of Blind Channel Equalization Methods
Mr. Abdul Ghani Jamali, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Design & Analysis of 10 GBPS DWDM Optical Fiber Communication System for PTCL
Mr. Rafique Ahmed , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Implementation of Broad Band Cross Connect System in Optical Fiber Network of PCTL
Mr. Saleem Ahmed , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Optimization of Radio Resource Allocation in EGPRs
Mr. Muhammad Alam , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

DSL usage for Home Networking
Mr. Khaled Fouzi , Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms
Mr. Sheeraz A. Memon, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

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