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Department of Bio-Medical Engineering

Mehran  university  of  Engineering  and  Technology  has  got  the  privilege  to  establish  the Biomedical  Engineering  Department  for  the  first  time  in  the  history  of  all  Public  sector universities of Pakistan. Technological  innovation  in  the  field of medicine and health  care  is accelerating  at  enormous  pace.  Modern  hospital  is  now  the  center  of  a  technologically sophisticated healthcare system.

Keeping in view the tremendous growth of Biomedical Sector and Tele-Medicine in the country, there is great scope and consumption of Biomedical Engineers, Experts and Solution Providers. Biomedical  engineering  uses  engineering  principles  to  enable  us  to  understand, modify  or control biological systems. In practice, it involves everything from equipment for diagnosis and patient monitoring  through  implants  such  as  pacemakers,  artificial  joints  and  limbs  to  the computer simulation of biological  functions. All  these modern aids  to healthcare have  to be conceived, designed, tested, manufactured, installed, operated, maintained and improved. This is  the  job  of  Biomedical  Engineers.  The world market  for  all  biomedical  devices,  including diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, is in the range of $ 100 billion/year. It is destined to grow even further, especially  in areas that have aging populations. Biomedical engineers will be of increasing importance to this growth. It is an inter-disciplinary and applied branch of electronic engineering, which also requires a working knowledge such as physiology, Human anatomy and biological sciences. This department offers Master of Engineering degree  in Telemedicine and   E-Health Systems.


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