IICT Institute of Information & Technology MUET Jamshoro.


Institute of Information & Communication Technologies

Research Projects
Analysis & Design of Receiver for DS-CDMA
Mr. Habibullah Samo, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

The Suitability of OFDM as Modulation Technique for Wireless Communication
Mr. Shahnawaz Farhan, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

FxSAN: Architecting Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks
Mr. Naeem Aziz, Communication Systems and Networks (CSN), 2012

Design of a Non linear steering control for Vessels
Mr. Saifullah Samo, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Intrusion Detection System for Networks
Mr. Bashir Ahmed Babar, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Development of Fraud detection system based on tracking account behavior
Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Memon, Information Technology(IT), 2012

An Expert System to check for building Bylaws Compliance
Mrs. Sania Bhatti, Information Technology(IT), 2012

Design of Simulator tools for Architects and Designer
Ms. Naheed Rohail, Information Technology(IT), 2012

A Comparative Study of Popular RDBMSes, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle and MS Access
Mr. Piyar Ali Jatoi, Information Technology(IT), 2012

A Model of Investigative Data Mining based Intelligent Software Agents System for Fraud Detection
Mr. Kashif Memon, Software Engineering (SE), 2012

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News & Events

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